The Elysium Retreat Package with a one-on-one Coaching Session




The Elysium Retreat Package allows anyone to conduct their own life-changing retreat experience from any location.

Protect two days to rejuvenate, do some incredibly powerful inner work, and create intentions around what you want out of your next year. Create the annual habit of working ON your life, rather than just IN your life!

Solidify the changes you want to make by reviewing & strategizing with our trained life coach. Andrew is trained in SMART & SPAR goal-setting frameworks, and certified by Integral Coaching Canada. He’ll help you make sure you take the powerful insights from your retreat and actually integrate & accomplish them.

The Elysium Retreat + Coaching Package includes:

  • Our Pre-Retreat Guide,
  • The Elysium Retreat Workbook
  • A $15 impact donation to CAMFED Canada,
  • A 45-minute retreat video review and coaching session with Andrew, our ICC certified life coach.
  • A 15-minute accountability goal check-in after 3 months

**All prices are in Canadian dollars**



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